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Roof Rigging Systems

Just like facades, every roof is different. We do our best to propose the most appropriate equipment to fit your needs. We have large inventory of outrigger systems, adjustable wall clamps, cornice and parapet wall C hooks.


Standard size scaffolding frames are used to support aluminum 5 x 5 I beam

or tubular outrigger beams to give an outreach of up to 72".

Main advantages are:

  • Light weight support frames.

  • Easily available components can be mixed and matched.


A frames are used with aluminum 5 x 5 I beams to give an outreach of up to 72".

 Main advantages are:

  • Quicker assembly.

  • Less number of components to put together.


 Winsafe system with 8', 12' and 14' outreach are available for siturations where an extended outreach is required.

Standard Outrigger Setup
Rolling Roof Rig
Winsafe Extended Outreach Outrigger Systems
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Multipoint Suspended Scaffolding around Con Edison Chimney

Modular Swing Stage Platforms

 Modern alloys and Modular rigging equipment has made vertical access possible for a wide variety of applications.

 Our light weight Modular systems offer portability, quick assembly and versatile configurations. 

Straight Platforms

Lengths of up to 50', (longer configurations can be made using a

hinge section and three hoists).
Section lengths of 1/2 M, 1 M, 2M and 3 M let you build a platform

to suit your needs.

Cantilever Platforms

Lengths of up to 60', with walk-through stirrups.
Maximum separation for the stirrups is 48'.
Maximum cantilever is 2 M beyond the stirrups.

Corner Platforms

Platforms with 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles can be built using

the hinged corner frame, drop-in truss, floor and handrail frame.

U-Shaped Platforms

With the hinge section and four stirrups, it is possible to build a

platform that will surround three sides of a structure.

Circular Platforms

Using three walk-through stirrups and eight 45 degree corner sections, you can build a circular platform.

Rig around Light house.jpg
Rig around Light house.jpg
Rig around Light house.jpg
Rig around Light house.jpg
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Best Scaffolding Hoists in Industry

 We carry a rental fleet consisting of only the best and most dependable hoists available in scaffolding industry. No one can afford an accident or down time at this time when cost of running business is high and insurance prices are at the peak. 

  All our equipment is maintained and repaired regularly. Hoist are load tested before every rental.

Tirak Hoist
PC1 Hoist
Bisomac 210 Hoist
PC3 Hoist
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